Top 5 CS:GO Betting Sites

Betting on CSGO is an excellent way to test your knowledge of the game. If you have appropriate knowledge and choose a safe CSGO betting website, you will not only get the benefit of positive emotions from betting, but you’ll also be able to earn some good money. Our site contains all the necessary information for this: betting types descriptions, CSGO betting strategies, reviews of the best websites for betting, and much more.

Nowadays, there is a huge selection of sites that accept real money bets on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And while there are plenty of excellent sites, there are, unfortunately, also untrustworthy ones which do not render the proper level of service. The team regularly tests CSGO betting websites on a set of strict criteria and gives you an actual and honest rating of the best of them.

Here, you will find not only a list of the best CSGO betting sites but also detailed and unbiased reviews of many popular sites with a list of all their pros and cons.

We consider it our paramount duty to provide you with the most detailed and objective information so that you can make an informed choice on your own and also protect yourself from potential problems with unscrupulous sites.

What is CSGO?

CSGO Player

Esports, or electronic sports, is a team or an individual competition based on video games. Esports games have all the qualities inherent to classical sports competitions: they are spectacular, balanced, and fair, and the victory here depends on the skills and abilities of players. These days, esports are recognized as an official type of sport in more than 30 countries. Broadcasts of international esports competitions attract tens of millions of spectators, and money prizes may number in millions of dollars.

The history of esports would be incomplete without mentioning Counter-Strike. The original Counter-Strike team-FPS game was released in 2000. It quickly evolved into something more than just another casual shooter and became one of the most significant and popular competitive games.

CSGO – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – is the newest game of the series. There are two teams in a pro CSGO game: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Both teams have five players and aim to win 16 rounds out of a possible 30 to win a game. Rounds can be won by detonating a bomb (Terrorists), defusing the bomb (Counter-Terrorists), running down the clock (Counter-Terrorists), or killing all the players on the opposing team (both sides).

Thanks to its entertainment factor, fair gameplay, and the principle “Easy to learn, hard to master,” the game has become extremely popular with both professional players and casual users. Every day, the game is being launched by around half a million players, and now it’s hard to find a person under the age of 40 who does not know the meaning of the words “CS,” “CSGO,” or “Counter-Strike.”

The game is regularly updated after careful talks with the gaming community. This allows the developers to bring novelty into the game while maintaining fair and balanced gameplay. These updates include the “nerf” of the weapon; it can be weakened or made more expensive to eliminate the unfair advantage of one of the parties and equalize the chances of winning.

CSGO players regularly participate in tournaments with prize pools of up to $1,000,000. The game is so popular that CSGO matches are broadcasted live all over the world both on the internet and TV to millions of viewers!

The history of CSGO development is closely connected to various kinds of online betting, including real money wagering and skins betting. In fact, it is one of the largest esports disciplines for betting online. In order to talk about CSGO betting, you first need to learn the concept of skins in this game.

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Skins are graphic elements that decorate the weapon and make it look different from the others. Skins have no other function than decorative, but they are very popular among players and have value from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

There are several ways to get skins. The main way is by getting boxes with random skins as a reward for playing the game. These boxes can be opened using special paid keys. The process of a random skin drop from a locked box is similar to the working principles of slot machines.

The process of acquiring a key to open a random gift of a certain value has marked the beginning of CSGO betting. Given the demand and value of some skins, they have transformed into a currency over time. There are now many CSGO gambling sites that accept both real money bets and skins bets on professional matches. At present, the annual volume of CSGO skins betting has reached $5 billion.

If you are seriously planning to bet on CSGO, we recommend that you read our CSGO game guide. It highlights all the important and relevant information that every bettor should know: the format and mechanics of the game, the game’s economy, maps, and much more.

Types of CSGO Bets

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Betting on CSGO is extremely exciting. The games here are spectacular and dynamic, the advantage can pass from one team to another during the match, the broadcasts are free, and you can always watch the match you bet on.

There are several major international CSGO tournaments held every year: FACEIT Major, ELEAGUE Major, PGL Major, ESL One, DreamHack Masters, StarSeries & i-League, EPICENTER, and others. These tournaments are well covered; they have large prize pools, and a lot of top-ranking participating teams show fairly stable results which can sometimes be predicted and exploited by knowledgeable bettors.

Smaller tournaments, including those organized by bookies themselves, are mainly designed for the participation of semi-professional players, and their outcome is hard to predict. These tournaments include GG.BET Summer, Invitational, BravoBet Cup, and others.

There are many types of CSGO bets. You can wager your money not only on the whole match (which usually consists of several games), but also on a separate segment of the match. For example, you can bet on the result of the game on a certain map or in a certain round.

There are a number of excellent CSGO Betting websites around where you can place your bets. Our ranking of the best CSGO betting websites and our useful guides will help you to get the most positive experience of online CSGO betting.

Match Odds

CSGO matches consist of 1, 3, or 5 games (BO1, BO3, or BO5). With this type of bet, you are wagering your money on the whole match outcome. Based on your knowledge and available information, you should try to predict which team will win all match games. This is one of the classic types of bets. Matches in BO1 format have an increased probability of unpredictable results, while in BO3 and BO5 matches, the stronger team tends to win.

Round Betting

Along with betting on the outcome of the whole match, you can also bet on the outcome of a certain round. Even top teams sometimes lose one round against much weaker opponents, but then they win the rest of rounds. Thus, it’s more difficult to predict the winner of a certain round compared to the whole match. On the other hand, this kind of bet increases the excitement and pleasure of watching the match if you are a CSGO fan.

Tournament Finalist/Tournament Winner

Finalist of the event: this type of CSGO betting allows you to make a wager that a certain team will go to the final of the competition and will participate in the fight for first place.

Winner of the event: this type of CSGO betting allows you to bet that the team will become the champion in a certain competition or tournament.

Total Bets (Over/Under)

This is the bet on the total number of rounds played, rivals killed, total number of deaths, etc. For example, a bookmaker sets a certain value for the number of kills, and the bettor bets on whether over or under this amount will actually be killed during the game.

Combined totals refer to general figures, and in individual totals, you can choose a specific player and bet on his performance. The opportunity of betting on a particular favorite player is an awesome aspect of an individual totals, which brings the excitement of betting to a new level.

If a player selected by you for an individual total is replaced and does not play in the match, the bookmaker will return you the money which you have placed.

In general, betting on totals is considered one of the most unpredictable types of bets.

Pistol Round Winner

Pistol round is a unique concept of CSGO. In a standard competitive game, the first round of each half (Round 1 and Round 16) is called the Pistol Round. This is because each team starts each half with only $800 of in-game money and a pistol. It’s not enough to buy any weapon more powerful than a pistol.

Some people think that the chances of winning in a Pistol Round are equal, as neither team can use complex strategies involving high-powered weapons and utilities. On the other hand, in the pistol round, the individual pistol mastery has a decisive role. Teams specifically train in their pistol skills, because victory in the Pistol Round gives an advantage in the next rounds.

Correct Score

This type of CSGO betting applies when a game is not played in a BO1 format. For example, in a BO3, a team can win with a score of 2-0 or 2-1. If you have a strong opinion on which team will win, you can often get higher odds with a correct score bet if you can guess the winning score as well.

Map Winner

In this kind of CSGO betting, you can bet that a certain team will win on a certain map. It does not matter if the team wins the whole match from 3 or 5 maps. Different map designs require teams to use different weapons, tactics, and skills. Map winner bet is a good option for those who know the strengths and weaknesses of teams in the context of a particular map.

Live Bets

In addition to betting on Counter-Strike before the match, there is an opportunity to make a bet during the course of the game. Live CSGO betting attracts many people because it gives them an opportunity to wager money when it seems clear that one of the teams has an advantage. However, live bets are not that simple. In Counter-Strike, the advantage can quickly pass from one team to another, and it often takes a lot of knowledge to predict the winner correctly. In addition, bookmakers also keep track of the matches and change their odds quickly.

For successful live CSGO betting, you need to closely monitor the stream of the match, have a good understanding of the game, and have quick reactions in order to place the bet faster than the bookmaker can change the odds.

Special Bets

For certain tournaments, some bookmakers may release special CSGO bets. These will usually be fun bets such as “Will the map “Inferno” be played on the first day of the tournament?” These bets will usually be unique to the bookmaker that has listed them.

Becoming a Better CSGO Bettor

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What distinguishes an amateur bettor from a successful professional bettor? First of all, it’s the volume of deep and detailed knowledge.

CSGO betting requires thorough knowledge of the game, as well as significant time and effort. For a successful bet on Counter-Strike, you need to evaluate a variety of factors: the individual skill of the players, teamwork, tactics of the team, the history of previous team meetings, psychological aspects (for example, a series of losses the day before, or how players react to losses in a separate round), strengths and weaknesses of the team on specific map, and more.

Knowledge of the tournament is also important, including the format of the competition, number of rounds, how the winner is determined, and so on.

It is also important to consider some aspects which are not directly related to the game. In Counter-Strike, like in other types of sports, there are sometimes rigged matches, so it’s better to avoid small unknown tournaments or matches with unreasonably overvalued odds. In serious international competitions, the organizer will take care of safety, fair play, and protection from hackers.

We have put together the following guides to help you hone your craft and have a better chance of winning some good money betting on Counter-Strike.

Helpful Guides


You do not necessarily have to follow any strategy if you are betting on CSGO solely for the sake of entertainment. But even in this case, knowledge of the strategies will help you to get more pleasure and positive emotions from online CSGO betting. But if you are seeking to become a professional CSGO bettor and want to make it profitable in the long-term, then you cannot do without this guide.

Elite Strategy

This fine-grained guide from professional bettors explains everything about CSGO betting in an easily understandable manner, from basics to an advanced level, such as betting principles and betting systems, the concept of CSGO betting and types of odds, recommendations for live betting on Counter-Strike, and much more.

Betting Tips

What should you pay attention to while betting on live CSGO matches? What do bettors need to know about Counter-Strike maps? How does the in-game economy affect betting? The answers to these and other important questions can be found in our tips section.


Understanding the odds is perhaps one of the most important topics that should be studied by anyone who wants to excel in CSGO betting. In this guide, you will find out what kinds of odds exist and how they are calculated. In addition, there is a handy calculator for converting the odds into your preferred format.


An adviser, a tout, or a tipster is a sports betting professional which renders paid services to bettors and gives his substantial predictions for the match. There are many trustworthy tipsters around giving winning information, but there is always a reverse of the coin: there are many unscrupulous scammers on the internet trying to pump out your money. In this guide, we will explain the pros and cons of using a tipster, teach you how to distinguish a good tipster from a bad one, and also give you useful advice on CSGO betting online.

CSGO Betting Site Reviews

CSGO Reviews

Our site is full of useful information about CSGO betting strategies, odds, and types of bets. However, all your knowledge and professionalism can be easily brought to nought by dishonest bookmakers. There are many CSGO betting sites around the web that accept wagers, but unfortunately, not all of them can boast the security of transfers, protection of your personal information, quickness of payments, high-quality service, a large choice of bets, and good odds. There are also websites that conduct explicitly fraudulent activities and deceive players.

In order to make sure that your online CSGO betting experience is positive, we have prepared for you detailed reviews of the most prominent CSGO betting websites.

Our strict and unbiased reviews contain all the pros and cons of each website. Nothing is perfect in the world, and even the best CSGO betting markets may have drawbacks in some categories. First, we check the safety and reputation of the website. If the website is not safe for our readers, then it does not even get into our ratings and reviews. Then we evaluate each site in such categories as “Quality of Odds,” “Bonuses,” “Games Covered,” “Banking,” and “Customer Support” and provide comprehensive information that will help you to choose the most suitable site.

Please read our review section to find information about the site you are interested in, as well as more information about how we conduct the assessments and why our reviews can be trusted.

Betway Review 90 100 Read Review Review 75 100 Read Review
10Bet Review 87 100 Read Review
GG.Bet Review 69 100 Read Review
BetOnline Review 80 100 Read Review
Loot.Bet Review 82 100 Read Review
Unikrn Review 66 100 Read Review
Betsafe Review 62 100 Read Review
Betsson Review 70 100 Read Review

Real Money CSGO Betting vs. CSGO Betting with Skins

Which is better: skins betting or real money CSGO betting? It has always been the subject of heated discussions in the CSGO gaming community, and obviously, there is no unequivocal answer to this question. Both options have their pros and cons, and the choice depends on individual preferences. We have sections of our site devoted to each type of bet. We describe in detail all the pros and cons of each type so that you can make your own informed decision.

Real Money Betting


Real money CSGO betting is not very different from classic bets on other sports. With a sufficient level of bettor skills, real money bets give you an opportunity to earn a good profit.

By law, real money CSGO betting sites must be licensed and regulated. The additional costs involved mean that they may not be able to offer the best odds. However, real money betting sites frequently give out free bets as rewards to new members. This usually more than makes up for the slightly lower odds.

An example of a free bet offer may be “Bet $10 and get $50 free.” This is commonplace in most of the major bookmakers as they compete to get new customers through their door. Using the free bets on offer can be a great way of boosting your profits.

When operated correctly, real money CSGO betting sites will be fully licensed and regulated. This means that the company is held responsible by a 3rd party if they operate outside of recommended guidelines.

For more information about real money betting on Counter-Strike, please click on the link below.

Skins Betting

CSGO Weapons

CSGO skin betting sites allow you to bet on pro games using in-game skins. Some people prefer to use CSGO skin betting sites because they already have a lot of skins available to use.

It can also feel very different from playing with real money, perhaps making it easier to make smart betting decisions, as the consequences of losing are not so painful.

CSGO skin betting sites can be a bit of a legal grey area. Because you do not wager real-world currency on these sites, some people say that they shouldn’t be regulated in a similar fashion to real money CSGO betting sites.

As these sites aren’t regulated in the same way, you may find yourself in a tricky situation if you have a dispute with the site. For example, if some bookie website doesn’t pay out the winnings on your bet, you won’t be eligible for the same legal help as a dispute with a real money betting site that is regulated in your country.

On the other hand, as skin betting sites usually don’t pay for gambling licenses, they may be able to afford to offer better odds.

For more information on Counter-Strike skins betting, please see the link below.

Stay Up to Date

In addition to knowledge of the rules of the game and the strategy of betting, there is another important factor determining the success of bets on CSGO — it is the actual awareness of the ins and outs of teams and tournaments. After all, on the basis of this information, professional bettors are able to decide which team they should wager their money on.

In our blog, we cover a lot of news and give important information, including predictions of a match’s outcome, team rosters changes, coverage of major events, and tactics and tricks of the game.

Our blog is regularly updated with valuable information. Stay tuned for our updates, and remember that forewarned is forearmed!

CSGO Betting FAQ

Is Online CSGO Gambling safe?

Online CSGO gambling is as safe as it gets if you are using recommended websites.

All sportsbooks make sure to employ state-of-the-art SSL protection that keeps your personal data out of harm’s way, such as your name, address, and credit card digits.

Moreover, all of the bookies we recommend are regulated by their respective licensing bodies and are subjected to frequent third-party audits, ensuring fair customer treatment across the board.

How do I get started?

All you need to do to get started is create an account at any of our recommended CSGO betting websites. You will need to enter your personal details during registration, make a deposit using your preferred payment method, and then you can start placing your bets on Counter-Strike matches.

Most bookmakers require proof of identity before you are able to withdraw funds you’ve won. This is best done upfront to avoid waiting times in the future. Proof of ID usually entails you sending a scan or photo of a utility bill no older than 6 months and/or a photo of your personal ID card. Please consult your bookmaker for the specifics.

How Many CSGO Betting Sites Can I Sign Up With?

There are no limits to how many sportsbooks you can bet at, meaning you can sign up with as many betting sites as you want.

Signing up is free and always will be; you never have to make a deposit unless you want to.

Sites of different bookmakers are not connected with each other and offer different bonuses and odds. We recommend registering on several CSGO betting sites, even if you really like the one specific site, so that you will have the opportunity to compare the odds and choose the most profitable ones.

Can I really win money at CSGO betting?

Of course you can! Betting on CSGO is treated as betting on any other sport.

In order to receive regular and long-term income from CSGO betting, you need to spend a lot of time and effort to sharpen your skills. However, if you set a goal and consistently work on it, then with the help of our site, you will succeed! After all, winning real money is our ultimate goal here.

Which CSGO events can I bet on?

Different CSGO Betting sites accept wagers on various events. Sometimes you can make bets on fairly rare events, such as small online tournaments or local championships. You can bet on any of the proposed events. However, do not forget about the potential risks of little-known tournaments, such as low security, rigged matches, relatively weak players with unstable results, and as a consequence, low predictability of the outcome of the match.

The largest and most well-covered events are FACEIT Major, ELEAGUE Major, PGL Major, ESL One, DreamHack Masters, StarSeries & i-League, and EPICENTER. These events have proven themselves as the most reliable options for betting on CSGO.

Which Teams Should I Choose for CSGO Betting?

The strongest CSGO teams at the moment are Astralis, Natus Vincere, FaZe, NRG, mousesports, and Team Liquid. However, this does not mean that these teams are invincible. Firstly, their opponents can strengthen their lineups, develop new tactics, and hone their skills. Secondly, many factors can influence the favorites, such as their previous defeat, a long flight, or an uncomfortable map.

The most reasonable solution will be to bet on the teams about which you have the most detailed and up-to-date information.

Are my winnings taxable?

For US players, all gambling winnings are treated as income by the IRS, meaning they have to be reported if they amount to any significant sum.

If you plan on CSGO betting in the long-term, it’s best to keep track of all your bets. Most bookmakers keep a history of all your bets that you can request or even access yourself, making this process pretty straightforward. The reason for tracking your bets is so that you can calculate all your wins and losses for the purpose of reporting them at the end of the tax year.

The IRS will only tax you on your net winnings. Keep in mind that all forms of gambling are kept under the same bracket in the government’s eyes, meaning that if you won $1000 via online betting on Counter-Strike but lost the same amount in a poker tournament, you wouldn’t be obliged to pay taxes on your online winnings.

The information above serves a general purpose. As tax laws vary by state, it’s best to consult an expert to assist you with all the specifics.

For players outside of the US, the laws and regulations vary heavily depending on which country you are from. There are no worldwide tax laws in place, so it is best to check your local gambling laws to determine whether your winnings are taxable or not.

Is Online CSGO Gambling Legal?

For US players, as long as you place your bets at a bookmaker that’s based outside of the US, then you are in the green legally-speaking since there is no law preventing you from doing so.

In a worst-case scenario, the bookie itself could be fined for offering their services to US customers, but there have been no cases of customers facing legal repercussions for placing online wagers. The Supreme Court legalized sports betting on a federal level, allowing states to pass sports gambling laws of their own, meaning the advent of US-based online sportsbooks should be soon upon us.

Players outside the US face laws that differ widely and vary by country and region. In some countries, online gambling is fully legalized and regulated by the government, and in others, online gambling is banned. It is best to consult your local gambling laws to determine whether online CSGO gambling is legal where you live.

Why should I trust reviews and ratings on this site?

Our website is designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of CSGO betting online and give you comprehensive information for successful and comfortable Counter-Strike gambling.

This information includes our ratings and reviews of the best sites for betting on CSGO. Before recommending a site to you, we carefully analyze and check it inside and out. First and foremost, we make sure that the site has an impeccable reputation and a proven track record among customers. Then we have a look at the bookie’s esports offering, usability, customer service, and other factors whose quality may come down to your preference.

Ultimately, our aim is to present you with as much vital information as possible so that you alone are able to make an informed decision on where to place your next bet.

Closing Thoughts


Esports events are a relatively new phenomenon which has firmly entered our life and can no longer be ignored. The annual volume of bets on various esport events is about $25 billion, and CSGO betting occupies a significant share of this market.

We tried to make our site as informative as possible, and we are constantly working on its contents. The guides and sections of our website will let you into the secrets of betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and will allow you to make the best of this fascinating lesson not only for your pleasure but also for your profit. At the same time, our recommendations of the best CSGO betting websites will make your online betting experience safe and comfortable!

However, we want to remind you that like any other kind of gambling, betting on CSGO can cause an addiction. If you have an addictive personality or struggle with self-control and discipline, then it’s probably best to forget about gambling completely. Addiction only affects a minority of gamblers, but it’s still important to be aware of the risk. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that it can’t happen to you. So please take the necessary precautions to make sure you know how to gamble responsibly.

Also, we strongly recommend that you only bet the money that you can afford to lose. Never bet money that you cannot live without.

Make bets responsibly, make use of our experience and recommendations, and reach new heights in betting on CSGO! We wish you good luck!