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Our chief editor, Jack Wilson, heads an elite team of eSports betting writers that have been around the gaming industry virtually since its inception. Wilson himself is an experienced online writer and editor and is well versed on CSGO betting specifically, as well as the general world of eSports gaming and betting. Wilson has a long and successful history of managing websites and content online, but with CSGOBetting he’s allowed to explore his true passion. Wilson aims to lead one of the top eSports betting websites with his work at In addition to his interest in the eSports betting industry, Wilson also has advanced understanding of basic online gambling concepts and has years of experience in a number of roles with online gambling operators.

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In addition to Jack Wilson overseeing the day to day operations at, he puts his deservedly earned trust in a stellar team of eSports betting writers. The list of reliable CS:GO writers is constantly growing and evolving, as Wilson attempts to field the best writing team possible to deliver elite betting information and strategies for the eSports realm. Currently, has a large team of writers that dedicate their time to researching the best eSports sites, games and strategies. A huge team of talented writers makes it easy for this site to offer a wide array of gaming content that is not just helpful, but also unbiased, versatile and ultimately leads our readers to profit.