Top 5 CS:GO Betting Sites

Betting on CS:GO can be fun but if you’re wanting to take it more seriously, you may look to using a tipster for some of your bets. Tipsters are people who research a certain sport (in this case, CSGO) and share their bets with the public or a private group. Choosing a tipster is similar to choosing a stock on the stock market. You will need to do your research before selecting one and you should be aware that there are no guaranteed returns. Although CS:GO tipsters are often profitable, you may lose money by following their bets. We’ll show you what to look out for in the rest of this article.

Why Use A CS:GO Tipster?

Many inexperienced bettors will follow a tipster because they have seen a string of recent success. This is a dangerous reason to follow a tipster as this success is often short term and over-hyped. It’s important to do your due diligence when deciding which tipster to follow so that you pick someone who is profitable in the long term.

It’s a tipsters job to research their bets in great detail so that their followers have success and his service can grow. This usually means that the tipster spends a lot more time researching bets than the average person. If you’re looking to bet on CS:GO but have limited time to do the research, tipsters can be a great way of saving time. Some people choose to follow a tipster in order to balance out their own betting portfolio. For example, you may have a few different strategies that all have varying degrees of success. Betting by nature, is a risky game so it can be beneficial to spread that risk across different strategies and tipsters.

Proven Track Record

It’s vital that you find a tipster that has a proven track record. We’ll go into more detail about the metrics you should look for a little later on. The emphasis here is that their results are proven by a 3rd party. It’s no use taking somebodies word for it that they are a great tipster with a long history of successful bets. You need to find a 3rd party that can verify the tipsters bets over a long period of time. Obviously, you’re looking for someone who has produced a positive return on their bets. If you’ve found a tipster that looks too good to be true, it most likely is. In this case, you should ask around and search the web to see if anyone can back up their claims. Always tread carefully!

Large Number Of Bets

A tipster that has won “100% of their bets” sounds very impressive, but this could suggest that they have only tipped 1 bet. You should look to make sure that they have bet a large number of bets every month, for a number of months. As an absolute minimum, you should look for a tipster that has a record of over 100 bets and is in profit for those bets. Having a larger bet history gives a stronger chance that the tipster is actually tipping profitable bets and isn’t just on a short-term stroke of luck. It’s perfectly normal for a tipster to have a losing week, or even a month. Always look at the bigger picture and see what their returns are over a year.

Strike Rate

Strike rate can give a good indication of the success of a tipster, but only when combined with other factors such as average odds and number of bets. For example, a tipster who has a strike rate of 50% but at average odds of 2.00 (1/1) would be exactly break even. They would not have made, or lost any money on their bets so far. As mentioned in the previous section, the number of bets is also important. You should consider the number of bets when assessing the strike rate of a tipster. For instance, if a tipster has a strike rate of 75%, make sure that they have sustained that over a large number of bets.

Subscription Cost

Most tipsters start off by offering their tips for free to the general public. This is because they would struggle to charge for their services without any proven, public track record. Although it can be tempting to follow free CS:GO tips, you should try to avoid it as there is likely no proof that they are a profitable tipster. Many successful tipsters will charge a small fee for their services. Always read the fine print to make sure you aren’t tied in for a large amount of time. Take extra care when paying for a tipster subscription as scams are commonplace. Check for reviews online before signing up for anything.

Stake Sensibly

There’s no use following a professional tipster if you aren’t going to take a professional approach to your betting process. A tipster should never tell you to go “all-in” on a bet as this is recipe for disaster. You should stick to bet sizes that you are comfortable with and one that will ensure you can withstand a losing streak. It’s a good idea to use a percentage of your betting bank when placing CS:GO bets, whether you are using a tipster or not. For example if you have $100, you should bet no more than 5% of your $100 bank in each bet. This will help you from losing too much money and will help grow your account when you are winning.

Professional CS:GO Players Tips

Although they may not be classed as tipsters, you can get valuable insights and predictions of a CS:GO game by listening to professional players. Professional CSGO players are often interviewed before a game or may comment on social media. They can give valuable clues about how a game might pan out. Most pro players either know, or are familiar with players on other teams. They will usually know when another team isn’t performing well and the reasoning behind that. This may be because of something trivial such as an argument between players or something more serious such as an injury. We offer our own expert tips on this site but the good thing for you as our reader is that we don’t charge anything for them. So if you are looking for a good place to start and get some helpful tips for CSGO betting, be sure to check out our top tips page.