Top 5 CS:GO Betting Sites


  • Ace When a player kills the entire enemy team in one round
  • Active Map Maps that are played by the professional scene and include Inferno, Dust II, Cache, Overpass, Train, Mirage, and Nuke
  • ADR Average Damage per Round that does not factor in Overkill damage
  • Against the Spread Betting for the underdog or against the odds
  • Aimbot A hack where a bot automatically locks onto the enemy target and is commonly found in first-person shooter games like CS:GO
  • All-In When a bettor puts his whole inventory into one pot
  • Anchor (1) The worst player on the team that is dragging the team down
    (2) The last CT (counter-terrorist) on site when the other CT players rotate
  • Anti-Eco A round where a team attempts to counteract an eco round by the enemy team
  • Anti-Strat A strategy that is used to counteract the enemy team’s strategy
  • Arbitrage When a bookmaker uses the process of buying and selling to manipulate the prices of a bet in order to achieve a profit


  • Bait (1) When you put your teammate in danger by the enemy team

    (2) Making the enemy converge on a certain location by exposing yourself

    (3) When a player on the T (terrorist) side plays aggressively in a certain area to make the CT side waste their grenades before the actual push
  • Bankroll The amount of money that you can use to bet
  • Bet Putting money down on the outcome of an event
  • Betting Strategy A strategy or method that is used to give the bettor an advantage over the house
  • Bettor A person who bets on a certain outcome
  • Bomb An item that the T side plants in one of two sites
  • Bookmaker A person or entity that gives out odds in order to accept bets by bettors
  • Breaking Even Not winning or losing money
  • Buffed When a weapon is improved by the developers of the game (such as increased damage per bullet)


  • Carrying When a single player supports the weight of the entire team by playing better (think LeBron in the 2018 playoffs)
  • Chalk The outcome of a certain event that is most likely to occur
  • Choking When a team or player gives up a huge lead
  • Closing Line The value of a bet that is most similar to the price before the market closes
  • Closing Odds The value of a bet that is most similar to the price before the market closes
  • Clutch When a player is outnumbered by the enemy team and still manages to win the round
  • Coin Flip A popular CS:GO betting game in which you bet on which side the coin will land on
  • Commission The cost imposed by a bookmaker or betting exchange when you place a bet or when you win a bet
  • Counter-Terrorist (CT) A side in CS:GO that wins by defusing the bomb, killing the entire enemy team, or preventing the terrorist side from planting the bomb
  • Crash A CS:GO betting game in which a person predicts when the multiplier of the bet ends
  • Crossfire Setting up several positions in a certain area to ambush the enemy team when they arrive
  • CS:GO Betting Exchange An online market that allows bettors to bet on the outcome of certain events (the difference between a bookmaker and a betting exchange is that, at a betting exchange, you bet against another bettor)
  • CS:GO Professional Team A team that plays against other teams in LAN events or Valve-sponsored tournaments in order to win a cash payout
  • CS:GO Skins A cosmetic that allows a player to change the appearance of a weapon or glove and can be bought and sold in the Steam market for cents or hundreds of dollars


  • Dice A popular CS:GO betting game where you input odds manually to determine how much the payout multiplies on your bet
  • Double Action A bet that is placed conditionally on if the previous bet wins
  • Double Bet When a bettor bets twice the initial amount of the first bet after he wins
  • Double Kill When a person kills two enemy players in a single round
  • Drift When the odds increase, the possibility of a certain event is less likely to occur


  • Eco A round where a team saves their money by buying cheap pistols and SMGs instead of more expensive but stronger weapons (“full eco” means that a team doesn’t buy anything at all)
  • Economic Damage A term to describe damage to the other team’s economy by kills or the planting of a bomb
  • Edge The upper hand over another bettor or bookmaker by taking advantage of ineffective margins or insider knowledge
  • Entry Frags The first kill by a team in order to take over a certain area of the map (most commonly used after getting a kill at a site)
  • EV Betting A type of strategy using a formula that focuses on how much money will be won or lost after a certain amount of bets (Odds of Winning x Amount of Money Won per Bet) – (Odds of Losing x Amount of Money Lost per Bet)
  • Execute A strategy that is used to take over a site
  • Exit Frags Getting a kill while saving in order to disrupt the enemy team’s economy
  • Exotic A riskier type of bet that involves guessing multiple winners of an event
  • Expected Value A formula that focuses on how much money will be won or lost after a certain amount of bets (Odds of Winning x Amount of Money Won per Bet) – (Odds of Losing x Amount of Money Lost per Bet)
  • Exposure Money that the bookmaker is risking if they lose


  • Fake (1) Pretending to plant a bomb on the T side in order to draw the enemy team out

    (2) Pretending to defuse a bomb on the CT side in order to draw the enemy team out

    (3) Making noise at one site to bait the CT side into rotating in order for the T side to plant at the other site
  • Favorite The outcome of a certain event that is most likely to occur
  • First-Half Bet Betting on the result of the first half of a game
  • Fixed-Odds Betting Betting using odds presented by the bookmaker that are predetermined
  • Flanking Not attacking an enemy straight on, but instead going around behind them or to their side
  • Forcebuy Buying whatever you can because you need to (i.e., the last round before the half)
  • Frag Slang for kill
  • Future A bet on the winner of a certain event several weeks or months ahead


  • Glass Cannon Using a sniper rifle without any armor


  • Handicap Giving the underdog better odds
  • Handicapper A person who assigns a mathematical advantage or disadvantage to a team in order to equal out the odds
  • Handicapping Assigning a mathematical advantage or disadvantage to a team in order to equal out the odds
  • Handle The total amount of bets that a bookmaker has taken up
  • Headshot A shot to the head which deals a significant amount of damage to the player hit
  • HP (Health Points) The amount of health a player has starting from 100


  • ICB (Inventory Clearing Bet) A bet based on a certain percent of your Steam inventory


  • Jackpot A popular CS:GO betting game that you essentially pay to win (the more skins you put in to achieve a higher value, the higher chance you have to win the entire pot of skins put in by other players)
  • Joint Favorite Two teams or more that have an equal chance to win
  • Juice A commission imposed by the bookmaker for placing a bet


  • K/D Kill/Death ratio represented by a variable
  • Kelly Formula The formula that is used to find how much in bets is needed in order to make the most money
  • Kobe A well-placed high-explosive grenade that gets a kill


  • Lag Having a bad connection or ping to the game server which leads to a slower reaction time
  • Laying the Points Betting on the favorite of the match to win
  • Layoff (1) When a bookmaker uses another bookmaker to bet against himself (in case his initial bet loses)

    (2) When a bettor bets against his initial bet (in case his initial bet loses)
  • Limit The maximum amount of money you can bet
  • Line Synonym for odds
  • Linemaker A person who calculates the odds for the bookmaker
  • Live Betting Betting while the game is still going on
  • Lock An outcome that is almost guaranteed to win or the term for the person who bets on this outcome
  • Longshot An outcome that is almost guaranteed to lose but has huge returns if it wins
  • Lurker A player who picks off enemy players that are rotating


  • Map Callouts When you tell your team information using locations on the map
  • Map Selection A process where two teams decide on which active maps to play in tournaments
  • Match Bet A way of making money by getting free bets offered by bookmakers
  • Middle Winning a bet on both sides by using price movements or mistakes made by bookmakers
  • MM (Matchmaking) A procedure to look for matches against other players
  • Moneyline Betting on whether a team will win


  • NA (North America) (1) Stands for North American servers

    (2) An insult to a player who makes a mistake
  • Nap The best tip of the day that is given out by a tipster
  • Nerfed When a gun is weakened to balance out the game
  • Ninja Defuse When a player on the CT side defuses the bomb before the T side kills him
  • No Action A bet that is canceled and refunded or rescheduled
  • Non-Runner When a team is scheduled to play but doesn’t show up


  • Odds The probability of an event occurring
  • Odds-On Favorite Odds greater than a 50% chance of a specific event occurring
  • Oddsmaker A person who calculates the odds for the bookmaker
  • Off the Board When the line is not being offered by the bookmaker
  • Outright Winner A bet placed on the overall winner of a certain tournament
  • Over A type of bet that speculates that the rounds of the game will be more than what the bookmaker proposed
  • Overbroke Betting percentage less than 100% which benefits the bettor
  • Overround Betting percentage more than 100% which benefits the bookmaker


  • Parlay A type of bet that predicts the winner of two or more games rather than just one
  • Payout How much you win from a bet
  • Peek Gathering information in a certain area with the cost of exposing your body from cover to other players
  • Pick No favorites and no handicap
  • Pick (CS:GO) When you get the first kill on the enemy
  • Ping Millisecond count of the response time of your connection from your computer to the internet server (low ping equals fast – high ping equals slow)
  • Pistol Round The first round of the first and second half of the game
  • Points Spread The difference between the underdog and the favorite in numerical values
  • Post Time When the betting starts
  • Pot A term for the money you get if you win when you bet against another player
  • Power Rankings Past ratings that are used by bettors to predict future bets
  • Prefiring Shooting a shot before you see the target
  • Prop Bet A bet based on events that occur while the game is playing
  • PUG A semi-professional pick-up game in CS:GO
  • Pushing Moving or attacking at an area by yourself or with your team


  • Quad Kill Killing 4 players in a single round
  • Quasi-Buy A type of force-buy where you can still afford to buy in the next round


  • Reset In CS:GO, every time you lose a round, your loss bonus money increases until you win, which would then reset the loss bonus back to $1400
  • Rotate When you move to another spot in the map (most used to talk about when you move from Site A to Site B or vice versa)
  • Roulette A popular CS:GO betting game that is exactly like the actual roulette game with 18/18/2 odds
  • Round Robin A type of bet where you can bet all the possible combinations of the parlays in one bet
  • Rushing Going to a site or location aggressively


  • Saving Not trying to fight the enemy team, but instead saving whatever grenades, armor, and weapons you have for the next round
  • Scalping Making money on the spread of the back and lay price
  • Scrim Short for scrimmage or practice game between two professional teams
  • Second-Half Bet Betting on the outcome of the second half
  • Sharp Slang for a successful bettor
  • Site The only spots where you can plant the bomb as a terrorist
  • Slots A popular CS:GO betting game where you try to match similar images onto a single line
  • Split Attacking a site from multiple locations
  • Sportsbook Another name for bookmaker
  • Spread Another name for handicap
  • Spread Betting Unlike fixed betting, the bettor decides if the true outcome of the game’s spread will be higher or lower than what the bookmaker offered
  • Square An amateur bettor
  • Stacking Having more players in one location than normal
  • Stake How much money you are risking
  • Staking Method A type of method where you use calculations to decide how much money you are putting in each bet
  • Steam Fast, volatile movement in the line
  • Straight Bet A type of bet where you wager on who will win
  • Strat Short for strategy
  • Support An unofficial role for a player who is more focused on the utility of the game like throwing ‘nades for cover and entry
  • Sway Slang for misinformation


  • Taking on the Points Betting for the underdog and in favor of the point spread
  • Teaser A type of bet that allows you to add or subtract points from the point spread for two games
  • Terrorist (T) A side in CS:GO that can win by planting the bomb and getting it to detonate or by killing the entire CT side
  • Throwing Losing a match on purpose or sometimes on accident once the team is tilted (playing poorly or erratically)
  • Ticket A ticket is like a receipt that tells you the odds of your bet, when the game starts, how much you bet and will win, and what team you bet on
  • Tier A number grade of how good a team is (i.e., Division 1 in collegiate sports)
  • Tilt A mental lapse where you become angry at the game and start playing poorly (typically after a team loses a lot)
  • Tip Insider knowledge of the conditions of the players or the team (i.e., someone is sick)
  • Tipster The person who gives out the tips
  • Tissue Price The price decided by the bookmaker that comes from the perceived odds of the game
  • TK (Team Kill) When you kill a player on your team
  • Total The total of how many rounds or kills were made by both teams in a single game
  • Totals Bet A type of bet where you wager on if the real total will be lower or higher than what the bookmaker presented
  • Trade Getting a kill after one of your teammates dies or vice versa
  • Triple Kill When you get 3 kills in a single game
  • True Odds The actual probability of winning not influenced by the bookmaker


  • Under Betting on whether the total in the game will be less than what the bookmaker presented
  • Underdog The team that is less likely to win
  • Unit A percentage of your bankroll
  • Utility Another name for a grenade


  • VAC Another name for Valve Anti-Cheat
  • Value Betting with odds lower than the probability, which would give the bettor more profit
  • Valve The company that created and develops CS:GO
  • Vigorish Another name for the commission that the bookmaker applies to a bet
  • Valve The company that created and develops CS:GO


  • Wager Another name for a bet
  • Wise Odds Someone who knows a lot about what they are betting on