Top 5 CS:GO Betting Sites

Real money betting sites are becoming increasingly popular with fans of CSGO. Players who previously used skin betting sites are now starting to use real money sites as more and more traditional bookmakers are providing odds for esports events. Using real money CS:GO betting sites is often safer than using skin betting alternatives. However, some sites are now offering customers the option of using skins and real money for their bets. It is mostly esports-only sites that offer this as traditional bookmakers such as Betway will continue to only offer real money as payment. There are also a number of other benefits including a huge range of free bet offers for new customers. As well as a huge range of free bet offers, many sites are now competing to offer the best odds for CSGO events.

There’s never been a better time to bet on CSGO using a real money betting site. There are more options than ever to choose from and new sites are opening up every week.

Choosing A Real Money Betting Site

Most real money betting sites will have fantastic welcome offers, usually in the form of free bets. An example of this might be “Bet £10 and get a £30 free bet”. These offers are usually only for new customers so it is a good idea to sign up with a site that has a large free bet offer. You can almost always use these free bets to wager on your favorite CS:GO events. Search the web for reviews of the bookmaker you are looking to register for. A site that has been around for a long time usually has a lot of positive reviews that are easily found online. If people have had problems with the betting site, check that the support was able to resolve their problem quickly and efficiently.

CS:GO Odds

Make sure that the betting site you are considering signing up for has good CS:GO odds. Some sites will have very high margins which mean that the odds and returns will be lower than other sites. You can easily compare the odds between bookmakers by opening multiple sites side by side and seeing which has the highest odds on a particular event. By choosing a CSGO betting site with the best odds, you are setting yourself up for success in the long run. Even the world’s best CSGO bettor will struggle to make any money on a site that has poor odds.

Payment Options

Most real money CS:GO betting sites have a large range of payment options to choose from. Which one you use will largely depend on personal preference, but here’s a brief overview of the most popular options:

Debit/Credit Card

This is the most common option available as almost everyone has a bank or credit card to their name. The deposit speeds are usually instant but you may expect to wait 3-5 days on average before withdrawn funds reach your card. Some sites will charge a small fee for using a debit or credit card as a payment option but this is rare.


PayPal is one of the most flexible options available, although not all CSGO betting sites give the option to use it. PayPal has a number of benefits but the most beneficial is the transaction speed. Deposits made from PayPal are instant and withdrawals are usually made on the same day. The betting site will usually carry out a manual check on all withdrawals to make sure they are correct but once this is complete, the money will be available in your PayPal account instantly. You can use a number of payment options via the PayPal website. For example, you can use your bank or credit card through PayPal to add an extra layer of security. You may also use funds that are held in your PayPal account that may have been sent to you by another user or deposited via a bank account at an earlier time.

Keep Your Money Safe

Real money betting sites are much safer than the other alternatives. This is because real money betting sites have to be regulated in order to operate legally within most countries such as the UK. Playing on a regulated site means that the betting site must adhere to strict rules and regulations that ensure that the players are treated fairly and any issues are dealt with. It will vary depending on the region, but most real money betting sites have a 3rd party organization that can resolve a dispute that you have with the betting site. You should always try and resolve any issues you have with the betting site first. If you are unable to come to a mutual agreement, there will be 3rd party organizations to help bring forward a resolution.

Part of the regulations of a real money betting site is that they keep your money in a safe location. These are usually separate from the company’s business account so your money will not be used to pay for services and other business costs.

Skin betting websites or more risky to use as they violate the terms and conditions of Steam, the platform CS:GO runs from. This means that at any minute, Steam could (theoretically) stop a skin betting site from operating and freeze all skins currently in the system. As some skins can cost hundreds of dollars to purchase, it can be very damaging if you lose a large account of skins. Although some have now begun to get regulated, the majority of skin betting sites are not regulated in the countries they operate in. This means that you are at greater risk of fraud as the site is likely not operating within set guidelines for this type of business.