Top 5 CS:GO Betting Sites

CS:GO seems like a simple FPS shooter on the outset, but there are multiple game mechanics that add complex layers to the game. One of the most important ingame factors is team economy, which we will talk about a bit later on. Take a read of this guide for some CSGO betting tips that will help to boost your profits and help you become a smarter bettor!

Know Your Maps

At any one time in the professional CS:GO scene there are 5+ actively played maps. All of the maps differ in aesthetics and gameplay. Knowing your maps will help increase betting profits as maps play such an important role in the outcome of a professional game. Some maps are more suited to long range combat, which certain teams find preferable.

Other maps will naturally be more suited to tactical plays due to the positions of features within the map. Entering bomb sites will be much more difficult on different maps and will require smoke and flash bang grenades to help towards a safer entry.

Due to factors such as the ones listed above, teams will have varying results on each map. These stats are easy to find online and make it easy to see how well each team performs on the different maps.

We can put these stats to use in situations where betting sites release odds before a map has been decided for an event. Here’s an example: Fnatic and Astralis are playing against each other and they are each at odds of 2.00. This suggests they both have a 50% chance of winning. Having looked at the stats beforehand we know that Astralis are much better at playing the map Cache.

It’s now been announced that Cache will be played for this game which will increase Astralis’ chance of winning. However, the betting sites will still have the old odds online for us to bet on. This means that we can get value odds as we’re getting a bigger potential return than the true odds should give.

Bet On Live CSGO Matches

If you’re struggling to win your pre-match CS:GO bets, you should consider betting on live games instead. Live games give much more opportunity for high odds betting. In order to succeed betting on live games, you need to be quick to react to pivotal moments and catch the odds before the become less favorable.

If you’ve seen a professional CSGO game before, you’ll know that certain teams can throw away big leads whilst others can come back to win a game that started off very badly. In situations like this, we can get incredibly high odds on teams that are currently losing the game. When you’re watching professional games, you should make note of teams that are good a coming back from a losing game.

When the scoreboard is stacked against them, their odds will be much higher than they will be before the game began. For example if a team is losing 4-9, you may be able to back them at odds of 3/1 (4.00). This is not an uncommon example and some odds can reach much higher, depending on the team. You will need to be quick to place your bets in play. Betting will be suspended during key moments of the game, such as in the final few rounds.

This will mean that you can’t place any bets during that time. It can be a good idea to enter your stake amount so you can click “Place bet” when you are ready. Every second counts when betting on live CSGO games!

Follow The Money In Live Games

Ingame economy is one of the biggest factors in deciding how a game will end. What exactly is ingame economy?Throughout a game of CSGO, players will be rewarded ingame $ for certain activities. These range from killing an enemy player to winning a round or planting a bomb.

This ingame money can be used to purchase more powerful weapons which will make it easier to win the game. Imagine being in a gunfight with a pistol against a heavy machine gun. This is exactly what can happen in a game of CS:GO if one team has a stronger economy than the other. You can use the ingame economy as an indication of the future outcome of a game.

For instance, the scoreline may be 12-10 but if the winning team has ran out of money, they will struggle to win the next few rounds. In this case, it’s likely that the scoreline will level out as the previously losing team is now at an advantage.

Be Aware Of Roster Changes

Betting on a CS:GO game without being aware of roster changes can be a costly mistake. Roster changes can happen for a number of reasons, mainly due to illness or for a strategic benefit. Some teams may decide to bring in a new player to replace another who is underperforming. Although decisions like this are made in an attempt to improve a team, it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes the replacement will cause an imbalance in the team and make them perform even worse than before. Because of examples like this, it’s almost always a good idea to avoid betting on any game that involves teams with recent roster changes.

Always Use The Best Odds

You can use all of the CSGO betting tips you like and still be a losing bettor if you ignore the importance of odds. Always make sure you are betting on the best available odds. For example, if you want to bet on Virtus Pro to win a major, check on multiple betting sites to see which site has the best odds for that bet. Even if there is only a small difference in odds between different sites, it’s always worth going for the higher odds. As we’ll show in the example below, the small differences can really add up.

  • Betting site #1: 100 bets at odds of 2.00 returns £2,000 (£10 stake)
  • Betting site #2: 100 bets at odds of 2.15 returns £2,150 (£10 stake)

That’s an extra £150 in your pocket, just for using a site with slightly higher odds! The last thing that you could do if you are looking for help with you betting on a more specific and regular basis, would be to check out some professional betting tipsters. If you do decide to do that, we suggest being very cautious with who you choose to go with. Check out our page on CSGO betting tipsters to get an understanding of what to look out for and how to choose the best one for you.