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I’ve got a fun fact for you. TYLOO and Renegades have come in second and first place at every Asia Minor since 2016, where The MongolZ took first in a stomp over renegades. We are coming up on three years of complete dominance over the Oceanic scene by Renegades and TYLOO, and it doesn’t seem as though that’s going to change anytime soon.

Fortunately for the rest of the teams at this event, TYLOO attained returning challenger status, which means two of these teams are going to the Major, and a third will be attending the third-place qualifier.
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Renegades (+100)

The reigning champions, back again to sweep the Minor. They’re the team with the most raw talent, the most infrastructure, the best coach. Although they’re dealing with the tail end of roster turnover, and they look different than they did this time last year, they are still the easy favorite to win the tournament.

I don’t love them as a bet though. This roster is relatively untested, and +100 doesn’t add a lot of value. They’re still a safe bet.

Grayhound Gaming (+300)

The only thing notable about this Grayhound team is the fact that DickStacy’s name is so funny. They’ve been a middling team, getting middling results, even before they added sterling in October of last year.

Lucky for them, they’re competing in the Asia Minor.

Grayhound are likely to make it through to the Major, and they owe a big thanks to TYLOO for not being here.

MVP PK (+450)

The better of the two South Korean teams at the Asia Minor, MVP seem like the favorite for the third-place slot, if only by process of elimination. Their most notable win is a 2-1 over a washed up Virtus.Pro, and I don’t see them making any progress past a third-place finish.

ViCi (+450)

ViCi is the only other real competitor at this event. Their team is seasoned, and they’ve been playing together for a while.

I wouldn’t recommend putting big money down on any teams at this event. Inter-region play can be particularly hard to predict, and there isn’t a ton of value in betting on Renegades. I would suggest holding off for some of the big events coming up in the next month or so, as they are likely to be a little more fun and offer more value.

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