Americas Minor Group Stage Recap


The Americas Minor is already halfway over, and the contenders have been pruned down to the four best. If you are trying to avoid spoilers, I don’t know why you’d be here, but you should look away.

NRG, INTZ, FURIA, and Envy have all made the playoffs, and three of them will be moving on by the end of this weekend.

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Group Stage


NRG were my favorite coming into this tournament, and I don’t think that’s a particularly contentious statement. They have a well-balanced team, and CeRq is the best player at the tournament, besides maybe kNg.

However, in a surprising turn of events, CeRq bottom fragged in their first game against Imperial, and was middle of the scoreboard in their best-of-three against Bravado.

Even without their Bulgarian superstar, NRG Brehzed through their games in the group stage and secured their spot in the playoffs.

Did you see what I did there? Brehzed? He and nahtE put on a show, reminding the peers and spectators alike that NRG isn’t a one man show.

NRG drew Envy in the playoffs, and I feel good about their chances.


Just to remind you all, MIBR could have had kNg on their team instead of Felps. He was readily available, and I imagine the buyout was reasonable.

Granted, I understand why the Immortals brand didn’t want to bring kNg back to playing under their organization again, but still.

If MIBR has a disappointing first half of the year, I expect kNg to be hanging over them.

INTZ isn’t just the kNg show, even though that may be how I sounded just now. I’ve seen xand and chelo put in work so far in the tournament, and I like this team.


Bravado were the feel-good story of this Major cycle, at least so far. They moved to America from South Africa, qualified for the NA Minor, and were one best-of-three away from making the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the miracle run is over, and it’s back to the drawing board for Bravado. Their best players were consistent throughout the tournament, but they fell to NRG and INTZ.

There’s no shame in that, both of those teams are very good, but it does mean Bravado has to get better. I don’t know how they’d do that, but it’s that or blow it up.


Imperial looked outclassed in every game at this tournament, aside from their Inferno game against INTZ. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, seeing as how they’re like the fourth best team from Brazil. It’s honestly pretty impressive that they made it this deep.


Another team with a near MIBR member in kscerato, FURIA made quick work of eUnited and Envy, securing their spot in the playoffs in only three maps. Kscerato and yuurih are the powerhouses of the team, and they seem to be playing well.

This roster is relatively untested on LAN, so it remains to be seen if they can carry their early successes into the playoffs, especially because their first match is against INTZ, one of the better-looking teams at the event.

I certainly don’t think there are any teams at the Minor that FURIA can’t beat. The field just isn’t that strong, I don’t think it’s totally out of the question for FURIA to win the Minor. I don’t think that’s the most likely scenario either, but it could certainly happen.


When I wrote my preview for the Americas Minor, I highlighted Envy as a dark horse, just because of Karrigan. It seemed silly to think a player of his caliber wouldn’t make it through, and so far, I’m right.

They gave me a scare in their final best-of-three, but they managed to pull it out.

I am impressed most with cutler so far, as well as with a seemingly revitalized jdm. I didn’t love the calls in crunch time on Overpass. Karrigan didn’t really seem like he had a handle on the situation, it felt to me like it was TeamOne’s game to lose, which they did.


So close, and yet so far. After getting blown out of the server by Envy in the opening match, TeamOne dispatched eUnited and then fell in a close best-of-three to Envy.

Like I said, that game really could have gone either way. If any of TeamOne’s players had had legitimate LAN experience, I think they could have clutched it out.

I like this roster, and they went toe to toe with a Karrigan-led team, which is no easy feat (although yes, this Karrigan-led team isn’t very good).


I couldn’t have even told you who was on eUnited before this event. Tier two NA just can’t stop shuffling for some reason, it’s like they’re LMFAO circa-2012.

Cooper- had an admirable performance, managing to go +12 in a disappointing best-of-three loss against the aforementioned Brazilians, TeamOne, presumably to make up for the no-show in their opening game against FURIA.


NRG (-834) – Envy (+425)

This game shouldn’t be close. NRG has the better roster by far, they’re playing great together, this roster has been together for a while.

Envy on the other hand, is playing with a brand new IGL, has less talent, and less chemistry. These odds seem about right.

You can bet $100 to win $12, which I wouldn’t recommend. However, you can throw this game in a parlay with the next game, which I’m a fan of.

FURIA (-154) – INTZ (+110)

I like INTZ here. I have seen a lot less of FURIA so far this tournament, and I think that it should be close, but I take INTZ by a hair. Having kNg is going to give them an X factor that I don’t think FURIA will be able to handle.

Put down $100 on INTZ to win $110.

Or, if you’re feeling frisky, you can parlay NRG at -834 and INTZ at +110 to bring the odds up to +235, which obviously means put down $100 to win $235.

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